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Aramis616 is a Hip Hop recording artist hailing from Grand Rapids, MI. He got into music at a young age, but had no idea he would eventually become an artist himself until he reached middle school. What started off as a simple hobby, ended up turning into a deep passion that he could not let go of. 


Drawing inspiration from his own life experiences, comics, retro video games, and anime; Aramis616 blends the sounds of classic boom-bap and modern Hip Hop with a focus on quality over quantity. He considers himself a lyricist, and strives to stay creative with the pen; while simultaneously delivering a strong and consistent performance. 

Aramis616 (then known as just Aramis) dropped his debut album, Sleight of Hand, on January 20th 2015. He has been making his mark in both Underground and Nerdcore Hip Hop music scenes ever since. 

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