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Whats up guys? Its really been a minute since I posted here in the blog. Lately, I've been trying to do a lot more on my Facebook Artist page, as well as twitter and Instagram. I can't forget about the home base though, so here we are with a LONG overdue blog post. One thing I would like to request is that if you haven't checked out the new EP 'Therapy,' stop reading this and do that now lol. It's available on all streaming platforms, and I've released videos for the first two songs. Check out (And subscribe to) my YouTube channel here.

So there have been multiple highlights this year, and things are pretty great right now. On September 30th, I got to open up a show here in Grand Rapids, MI for my fellow Michigan rapper Jon Connor at the Pyramid Scheme for JROB's cd release party. I really have to give a huge S/O to Lady Ace Boogie for throwing me the ally-oop on that one. It was a great show, and personally I believe it was my best performance to date.

I also got to rock a show at Rocky's Bar two weeks later with the homies Steve Swift, Casper, and Stenven Spligert. It's a smaller space, but I love intimate shows like that; and what made it even more awesome was that it was for my best friend Kevin's party (Love you bro!).

And finally, last week Thursday (10/24/2019) I got to perform live on the air for WYCE's GR Live in their new location at the Listening Room in the new Studio Park. This was really awesome for two reasons: (1) I have never been on the radio in my city before, much less performed anything live on the radio. and (2) I was one of the first 2 artists to rock this particular segment since its return (along with Borr Mcferrin, look them up!). I feel really honored and humbled. Huge S/O to everyone at 88.1 fm WYCE for allowing me to share my art.

There are lots of new and exciting things on the horizon guys, I'll keep you posted as they continue to come to fruition. As always, I love and appreciate all of you. Have a great day!

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