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Periodic Update

Wow, it's been a while huh? There's lots a stuff going on, but life is good right now y'all. I've been working on quite a bit of music, and some other things are in the works as well. The main thing I've been doing is improving my production. I've become pretty hooked on making beats, and as much as I hated it at first (it was taking me far too long to finish one beat), now I'm really starting to like it. I know I usually only drop like once a year, but you can definitely expect some more music from me before this years up. At the very least, 2 more singles; but I'm aiming for at least 3, plus another short EP. We'll see what happens.

Sometimes I get in weird mental spaces where its tough to create, but eventually I come back to it. There's so much pressure these days to constantly put out content to stay relevant, and it can really eat at you when you see yourself falling behind your peers. I had to learn to let that go; I'm going to continue to move, but at my own pace. I consider myself a musician, not a content creator (no shade towards anyone who does consider themselves a content creator, though).

As always, I appreciate all of you who have been rocking with me. This music journey has been great so far, and I can't wait to see what other places its going to take me. Tell next time. Peace y'all!

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