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Rogue One & The Abnormal

Sup guys? I don't know about you, but I'm pretty excited about to the new Star Wars Rogue One movie coming out this weekend. I've been a huge Star Wars fan for a while, actually I think my first experience with it was when they spoofed it on Muppet Babies. I was super young at that time, so I didn't actually watch the movies until years later when I saw them at my friends' house. Good times. When the FIRST special edition versions came out on VHS, I HAD to have them. After I got them, I watched each movie like 6 times (Jedi is definitely my favorite). It's crazy to think how much impact those movies had on pop culture. Its definitely influenced some of my music, which brings me to this next point :D.

A couple of my homies and I recently formed a Hip Hop collective called The Abnormal. The group consists of Ambush Vin, Rhyme Artist, Tekforce, and myself. We recently created a song called 'Rogue Squad' that's guessed it....STAR WARS. Check out the video below:

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