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In the end...does it even matter?

So I think most of you who grew up listening to Linkin Park probably heard the news that frontman Chester Bennington recently passed away. This really got to me, because I've been rocking with Linkin Park since the Hybrid Theory EP came out. When I was a teenager, their music resonated so loud with me. Every time I'd hear one of the songs, I'd be like "Man, i feel/felt just like that." Both Hybrid Theory and Meteroa are two of my most favorite albums to date. I actually still have the first DVD they dropped 'Frat Party at the Pancake Festival' that includes tour footage as well as all the music videos from Hybrid Theory. I was, and still am, a huge fan.

So fast forward to 2017: Linkin Park releases a new album and its pretty much nothing like any of their old stuff. A lot more Pop, and less rap and rock. I personally liked it, but a lot of other OG LP fans did not. Many criticized it saying some pretty horrible stuff. I even saw a video where people were throwing shit at Chester while performing 'Heavy' live. Thats just terrible man. If you've been following LP for a while, you would know that a lot of their music is about depression and rejection. Depression is NO JOKE. I've personally lost a friend to it, and it's something I do not take lightly.

These days, people love to put other down (especially over the internet). The reason being is that there are no consequences. What people need to realize is that words do have consequences. I'm sure Chester had other demons who was dealing with that lead him to take his own life, but the I'm sure the ridiculous of the negative response over the new album had something to do with it. I just hope he's finally found peace.

R.I.P. Chester Bennington

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