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Never Give Up

Hey guys,

So I recently received news that I didn't get selected to be on the lineup for a show thats coming up in my city. The old me would have been bummed, but lately so many good things have been happening that I cant help but remain positive. The reality is that you're not going win every single time. In this adventure called life, you're going to hear "No." a lot more than "Yes." Every time I get turned turned down for something, I politely ask for feedback on how i can improve (if possible), and keep it moving. Above all else, I remain humble and thank everyone for their time and consideration. I firmly believe his will get you far. Even though I did get passed up for this particular show, in this same week I also got confirmed for a show coming up in the next couple of months. The point is, you have to stay the path and keep plugging away.

I've got a lot of cool things in store for the rest of the year so keep checking the site to stay updated. From here on out I'm on my Knitaro Oe. Peace Y'all!

Almost forgot! Make sure you come out to the Vault of Midnight comic shop this Saturday 7/29/2017 to watch me perform a live set right there in the comic shop! Not only am I going to be rocking out, I'm going to be talking about some of my favorite comics and how they influence me as an artist. See you there!

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