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Vault of Midnight Show Recap

Better late than never i suppose, haha...

(I meant to have this up way earlier today, but alas...priorities...)

First of all, I would like to thank every single one of you who came out yesterday evening to Vault of Midnight Grand Rapids to watch me rock out and talk about some of my favorite comic books. It was definitely one of my favorite shows out of all of the ones that I've ever done, and I would like to thank you all for sharing that experience with me.

Doing the kind of music that I do, I don't exactly get the response that I would like when performing at your average Hip Hop show. With all the feedback that I've gotten over the years, it's never been the performance or the sound thats the problem; it's the content. A lot of people simply can't relate to what it is I'm rapping about, and thats OK. What I'm grateful for though, is being able to perform my music in front of people WHO DO get it. To see peoples faces light up when I reference nerdy things is soooooo awesome. I definitely plan to do more shows like this one in the future.

Oh, and a HUGE S/O to Vault of Midnight for agreeing to let me do the show. You guys are awesome! Go there and buy stuff!

For those who missed it, here's a taste of what went down:

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