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Token Show Recap

Wow...just wow. Last night was AMAZING. I'm so thankful that I was offered an opportunity to rock the Token: Have You Seen Him? Tour show at The Stache. I had a blast, and loved meeting with all of you who came up to me after the set to chat it up. Honestly, thats one of my favorite parts about this music thing;I love talking to people after I get off the stage. All of you guys are mad cool, and I appreciate all your feedback about the performance. I also want to give a special shout out to everyone who bought merch last night. You guys are the real MVP's. Here are a couple of photos from last night courtesy of Benjamin Howell Photography.

I'm super stoked about my show tomorrow @ Lamplight Music Festival. I'll be rocking out with my AOTA fam Monk Mattheus at 8:15pm at the Sage House. See you guys there!

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