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New EP: Umami

Whats up people? I'm excited to share that my new EP, Umami, is finally ready and currently available for pre-order. It's 4 tracks, and somewhat of a personal project for me. Umami is essentially translated as "savory" into English, and that's essentially the flavor i was going for when I was creating this EP. It was inspired by my last last trip to Japan, and when you listen to it you will definitely hear elements from that culture present in the music. Even though things didn't work out quite the way I wanted them too with the features, I'm still proud of the way it turned out. Umami will be out on all major platforms on 7/2/2018, but you can get the pre-order from the link below:

This is also the first release where I'm actually going by the name Aramis616. If you're wondering why, the short answer is that there are WAYYYYYY too many Aramis' out there and I want to make it easier for fans to find my music. As always, thank you for all the love and support.

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